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Marz Rocket is in the Top 40 Music Chart on Reverbnation


We’re number 40 on the ReverbNation Alternative Charts for Oakland, CA. Thanks for lending your ear holes!

Groovality Live Recording Released!


Groovailty Live is a mixture of Blues, Jazz, Soul, Funk performed live in Berkeley Ca. Featuring vocalist/keyboardist Simon Russell (The James Brown Band, El Debarge, Pete Escovedo) drummer Billy Johnson (Carlos Santana, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Donny Hathaway) bassist Robert Watson (James Brown, Tupak Shakur, Joss Stone) Bassist Daniel Lucca Parenti (Sheila E., Rosemary Clooney, Michael Brecker) Vocalist Dez Parker (Ike Turner) La Tanya Carmical (The James Brown Band, Pete Escovedo) and percussionist Boon Johnson.

For the last decade, Groovality has been moving crowds all over the world with its unfiltered soul and improvisation, respectfully taking musical traditions and fusing them together to create a sound of their own. Groovality's music is infectious, thought provoking, music that is based in the traditions of blues, funk and jazz.

Marzuki Grinage plays guitar on the songs "Whole Lotta Rhythm" "Gonna Find Me a Woman" "That Place" & "Soul Searchin" - Groovality Live is now available for download here;



"One Day I Wish" by Marzuki Grinage (Rehearsal)


New Blog - Hearing Music On A Deeper Level!


Read it here!

Vocal Coach Seth Riggs on Working with Michael Jackson, Ray Charles and More


The prolific teacher behind the esteemed method known as “speech level singing” shares his story

Read the interview here!

New Blog - Record Your Singing For Faster Growth!


Why you should record yourself singing for faster growth.

Every time I record myself singing I'm amazed that what I think my voice sounds like is not really accurate. We can't hear the totality the sound when listening to our own voices unless we listen to a recording or our voices amplified through a sound system. What we hear is the external sound mixed with the sound resulting from sympathetic vibrations in our skull (kicked off from the vocal cords.)

One of the cool things about recording is that you get immediate feedback and can hear the complete sound of the voice. It's the external complete sound that our audience hears so shouldn't we know what it sounds like? If you aren't recording your singing on a regular basis I can guarantee that your progress will be much slower. By recording our voices we can listen back, make a more accurate judgement to identify what's lacking vocally from both a technical and artistic standpoint.

How we sing when practicing technical voice building exercises is usually different than when we're singing songs artistically. The nuances of how we tell the story and color the voice with our emotions need to be the main focus when "really singing." Recording allows us to hear how our voice behaves technically when singing from a creative, expressive, artistic place and let that point us to what technical work we need to do to improve. This is such a powerful way to take your singing to the next level! I truly believe that most singers will make more progress from recording and listening back to our singing in one day than spending months practicing. I'm completely blown away by this every time I do it myself! Here's an example...Go to the  Blog Page to read -

New Blog - Natural Versus Trained Singers "Ignorance Is Bliss?"


I've had the great opportunity to teach many singers from all backgrounds and skill levels and I want to share some observations I've made regarding some of the differences between natural versus trained vocalists. Natural singers often "beat out" the trained singer when it comes to singing in a convincing and captivating way artistically. Why is this? Go to the Blog Page to read -

New Blog - "The Vocal Technqiue Rabbit Hole"



Are we focusing too much time on singing technique and not enough on the Art of singing? Many issues arise from this unbalanced focus. When you're performing, recording your music, or simply singing artistically you need to be able to get out of your head. We must learn to sing more from the subconscious part of our mind and away from singing from an analytical place. We are NOT SINGING ROBOTS! Go to the Blog Page to read -

"Imagine" Rehearsal In The Raw


I'm thinking of recording a version of this timeless song. This is just some of a rehearsal I wanted to share, rough edges and all! It feels good to get out of my perfectionist self and share more work like this. I hope that it helps potential students get a feel for what I do.


Marzuki plays Guitar and Bass on new StarPeople Presents track (Guitars and Bass by Marzuki Grinage.)



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